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Madcatz TE 1L6B Type N Panel Question



  • Official comment
    Jasen Hicks

    These panels completely replace the stock metal panel and stock plexi (if you get the kit that has both). The Type N is our curved button layout which is very close to "noir" which, in my opinion, has been used loosely with a lot of different layouts. You can print the artwork template at 1:1 scale to feel how it is before purchasing the panels.

    These panels will work with all japanese levers (Sanwa/Seimitsu) and standard 30mm buttons, either snap in or screw in type.

  • doke doka

    Hey Jasen, thanks for the answer.  I did try checking out the panel and plexi but the lowest cost option for shipping I saw is $20 (usps parcel select ground) to Southern California.  Seems a bit high for such an item.  Would there be any chance of a lower cost option?  Thanks again.

  • Jasen Hicks

    It's a cross country (FL-CA) shipment that weighs about 3lbs, in a box with a dimension over 12". Those rates come direct from USPS. We offer FedEx Home Delivery options as well which may or may not be cheaper.


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